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Small Galley Kitchen Ideas


Small galley kitchens are defined as being some of the smallest sized kitchens found in UK homes; stereotypically they are thin, narrow and are short of space. Despite this, small galley kitchens can still meet all the requirements a kitchen has and can house a number kitchen appliances - all whilst looking great. Functionality is key when looking at small galley kitchen ideas and making the most of the space you do have can make all the difference to how you kitchen looks and is used. small galley kitchen

Make the Most of Your Small Galley Kitchen

There are different tips and tricks used to make your galley kitchen look bigger and have more storage. Consider them when thinking about small galley kitchen ideas to create a functional, practical and well designed kitchen.
  1. Hiding the fridge, dishwasher and other large appliances behind kitchen units and doors creates a tidy and clean look. Not only does this help to make the small galley kitchen appear bigger, but it also keeps everything looking well organised.
  2. By using lightly coloured kitchen units and keeping space between shelves, light is able to pass through the kitchen and light up all corners of the room. This helps to create space and avoids a dark and claustrophobic feel.
  3. Having lots of free standing units may seem like an odd small galley kitchen idea, but doing so means you can move the kitchen units around and remove them when not needed to optimise the space you do have with useful items.
  4. Handless kitchen units add a little more space, which is valuable in a small galley kitchen. Handles, though small, can take inches off of all angles of a room.
  5. Similarly to lightly colour kitchen units, gloss finished units allow for light to bounce and travel around the room to create an airy and sleek design.
small galley kitchen ideas As you can see, when it comes to small galley kitchen ideas you are not limited just because of the minimal space available. By carefully designing the kitchen and building in a way to maximise the space you do have, your small galley kitchen can feel large, brighter and still fit in everything you need. small galley kitchens

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